About Servion

Servion's consulting-led approach works towards optimizing contact to enable businesses to align their contact management strategy with the brand promise.

Businesses invest millions of dollars in creating a brand. Often times, the brand promise is not perfectly aligned with contact management strategy. This results in customer disillusionment and frustration which can lead to escalating customer retention costs, pressure to acquire new customers, and shrinking bottom lines. Our consulting-led approach works to optimize contact which enables businesses to align their contact management strategy with their brand promise. Optimizing contact results in customer experience by design at the moment of truth – the point of interaction. Our core processes are centered around this thinking and, at the heart of this approach, is an engagement methodology:

  • Discovery (diagnosis)
  • Design
  • Development
  • Deployment
  • Optimization

We leverage our global domain expertise in the Customer Interaction Management (CIM) industry across Financial, Insurance, and Utility verticals to deliver platform-agnostic, unique, and intelligent solutions to companies in the commercial segment. Our strong partnerships with Avaya, Cisco, and other platforms create empowered processes that enable our clients to narrow the gap between their customers’ expectations and actual experiences. This distinct customer-centric point of view has yielded us awards & accolades from our partners within the space and ultimately translates to forward-thinking implementations that empower both our clients and their customers.

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